Summaries – d2forsaken

Child Euthanasia

  1. It seems counterintuitive that we discuss if children should be euthanized. In Belgium they decided to allow children to be euthanized. They are euthanizing people who are depressed and tired of life and don’t want to live anymore. Even though it seems like a simple process the government is putting strict laws on who can be euthanized or not. Most people are concerned that the new law will be abused but the Belgium government says they have it under control and will be very strict about it.

Paper or Plastic?

2. It seems counterintuitive that the more paper and plastic we use the more CO2 is taken out of the environment. People say tress are being wasted for paper but there is always a cycle when it comes to trees, you cut them, then you replant them to be cut down later. Trees even after they are cut down and made into paper still hold a pretty good amount of carbon credit. Wood is a carbon storer as well and some say more should be used in building to help keep carbon. Others say paper is not good for keeping carbon because it degrades to quickly and turns itself into a methane.

Net Neutrality

3. It seems counterintuitive that after only a few years of net neutrality, people want it taken away already. Net Neutrality ensures that everyone has the same internet speed and you can’t pay to have faster internet. It also allows all applications and website browsers to be with the internet provider. Net Neutrality lets even the poorest companies to reach the large audience. Removing Net Neutrality allows full control of the internet speeds forcing you to pay more it you want a better speed or connection to get anywhere on the internet.

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