My Hypothesis–eaglessb52

  1. Politics do not change
  2. Politics do not change and more specifically American politics
  3. American politics offer little to no change despite countless campaigns for it.
  4. In order to have actual change in American politics, there would need to be a political upheaval of the current system.
  5. Despite our American political parties promoting ideas of change, nothing actually changes too much in the long run.
  6. Drastic upheaval of the current American political system is the only surefire way to see long term change in the government.

One thought on “My Hypothesis–eaglessb52”

  1. Eagles, I appreciate the seriousness of your intentions. Now, if I may, I’d like to guide you to THE TYPE of hypothesis you could usefully explore in 3000 words.

    To repeat, I am not suggesting that you adopt the language of this model I’m offering. I have no idea what flavor of objections to American politics you favor. But mine is specific where yours is for now impossibly vague.

    1. American politics serves the interest of huge corporations at the expense of individual citizens.

    2. The two-party system of democracy keeps either party from supporting citizens against the interests of huge corporations.

    3. Because neither party has to deliver benefits to citizens to get elected, the two-party system of democracy keeps citizens at the mercy of huge corporations.

    4. The fact that corporations can contribute as much money as they want to political candidates, corporate interests control the political choices of both parties, leaving no one to champion individual citizens.

    5. Because corporate contributions are unlimited, and corporations have no need to support candidates from any other parties, our “winner takes all” version of democracy creates a gridlock in which neither party has to champion individual citizens.

    6. Until we develop a multi-party democracy, corporations will continue to control our government by supporting only members of the two parties, neither of which has any incentive to alienate corporate donors by champion individual citizens at the expense of huge corporations.

    See what I mean?
    Now substitute your own specific objections, formulations, opinions, proposals for escaping the gridlock.
    Response, please?


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