Summaries- veleze

Summary 1:

It seems counterintuitive to try and cut the population of animals because of impact on ecosystems when they actually keep ecosystems balanced and serve a purpose in our lives.

The rapidly expanding deer and wild boar population in Japan is having an impact on the nation’s ecosystems. As of 2011 the population of deer exceeded 3.25 million, and 880,000 for the wild boars. Their government proposed an amendment to the law on animal protection, wanting to reduce the number of wildlife. Signs of the impact on ecosystems have been found in many of Japan’s national parks. People have found the bark on trees eaten off by deer, mudslides occurred where vegetation has been stripped, and alpine plants have been consumed. Emergency measures have been taken mainly at the initiative of municipalities to contain the damage by hunting and capturing the wild animals. Fences have also been put up to stop them from entering farmland but it hasn’t quite helped the issue.

One way or the other the wildlife helps us humans in many ways. They are all part of the food chain and also help fertilize land. Animals such as horses, mules, camels, elephants and cows are used to work and help transport goods all over. They also serve produce food for us humans. Therefore cutting their population will only damage us as well.


Summary 2:

It seems counterintuitive to try and make marijuana illegal when its been proven to be a vital medicine for patients today.

Alcohol is America’s number one drug that creates harm upon us all. It’s been said that the legalization of marijuana will only create more harm as it has led to an increase in crime and societal problems. Making the “drug” illegal is suppose to limit the practice of usage and punish abusers but the use of medical marijuana is a form of opening the door to the recreational use. Barrett Duke of the ERLC says that “Marijuana’s pain-relieving ingredient has been available by prescription for years. A person can purchase Marinol—right now—with a doctor’s prescription. The plain fact of the matter is that there are better and safer drugs [for pain]”.

Now in days if you go to the doctor and complain about pain he or she would never recommend any type of medical marijuana use without paying for it first-hand. A doctor will gladly prescribe opioids like percocets to a patient which is actually addictive, harmful, and very hard to get off which would include professional help.

Studies have shown that marijuana helps people with chronic nerve pain also known as neuropathic pain. It does not need to be “smoked” as it can be provided in different forms to help the patient.

Summary 3:


It seems counterintuitive that putting a law on who can buy guns, would decrease the amount of crime that occurs.

Because of the mass school shooting that occurred in Parkland, Florida Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school advocates for stricter gun laws. Dick’s Sporting Goods announced that they would no longer carry assault-style rifles. However, with the idea of not being able to sell guns in this particular store, this doesn’t actually lower the rate of crime. In fact, more people will be inclined to purchase weapons illegally. Not allowing people to purchase guns, would not be beneficial for those who use these weapons as self-defense. This would explain the counterintuitive argument that keeping these weapons off of the street would eliminate crime completely, moreover, those that use these weapons as a sense of self-defense will not be able to do this.


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