Summaries- muggastackz

It is counterintuitive that social media plays a crucial role in what we should perceive when hearing the daily news. In today’s news, we only hear about police brutality and or racism that is starting to happen more frequently because there is a significant growth of crime rates that are vastly becoming a national crisis due to social media news.

81 percent of Americans access social media for news coverage every day. Because society only sees what they actually see. Statistics from the FBI show that there is a decrease of 4.4 percent in crime that deals with homicides or violent crimes. Regardless of what society, they are usually given the wrong information. Crime rates have decreased drastically in the last 40 years. The news we see on social media aren’t credible enough to say they play a role in crime rates.

It is counterintuitive that marijuana doesn’t kill brain cells. In today’s society, people think that smoking marijuana will kill brain cells later on in life. In fact, there has been researching shown that marijuana affects an older person brain and the results from that are very different from the brain of a younger person who smokes marijuana. Some scientists aren’t aware of the relationship between the two and how it will affect someone in the long run. Marijuana and the brain are in a relationship with one another, smoking weed technically doesn’t kill brain cells, but it can affect the gray matter in the brain at a young age depending on when you start.

It is counterintuitive to think that there aren’t rapes happening every day in the United States. More rapes are happening every day, and they are even more prevalent on college campuses. Most of these rapes happen due to parties that students attend. When alcohol is involved the perpetrators find that these females are easy targets. 70% of victims don’t inform the police about the incident, and 25% of the reported assaults ended up eventually getting arrested. It isn’t just females who are also being sexually assaulted. Males are also victims when dealing with sexual assault. 1 and 6 men suffer from sexual abuse at an early age. Society doesn’t acknowledge how many rapes are happened every day, month, year, etc. If people in society become more aware of the sexual assaults, there wouldn’t be as many rapes in the United States.


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