Summary one

The invention of  ‘The Economy’

It seems counterintuitive that the economy as we know today did not exist 100 years ago- Jacob Goldstein. GDP, Gross Domestic Product, as we know it measures the yearly productivity of a country. This idea was first introduced because of the great depression, says one of Jacob’s Source. The Economy from then has been a mutating idea backed with mathematical equations and formulae. Yet society focuses mainly on the GDP of a country to determine if it’s worthy of aid from the World Bank or the United Nations. There are many factors that GDP doesn’t include in its calculations, and when these things are included it changes the “economy” of a country. In short, the idea of “economy” is a volatile one, and it changes with little effort depending on the country.

Summary two

Seven Up!: A tale of two Englands that, shamefully, still exist

It seems counterintuitive that a nation such as England should be known for its unity and the fact that there is a divide in the country begs the question, how deep is this divide? Well, as we all know the battle between nurture and nature has been long resolved with the conclusion that when it comes down to basics nurture takes precedence; and this divide in Britain can be traced back to how individuals are brought up, and trained at their young age.

Summary three

Mind Reading: Technology Turns Thoughts Into Actions

It seems counterintuitive that a technology that enables scientists/users to read minds is now making its way to being known, even though that technology has been partially available for decades. The electrocorticography, ECoG, has been used since 1950 to figure out which part of the brain causes seizures. Despite that being the main function of the device, Doctors have found astonishing uses for the ECoG. Scientists recently performed an experiment where a patient closed the fist of an animated hand using his mind without physically closing his. With these successes, Scientists believe it would only be a matter of time before they can completely read the minds of their subjects.

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