Summaries- jokerthefool

It seems counter-intuitive that the only way to revive Japan’s economy is to kill it. In an attempt to revitalize the economy, the prime minister of Japan used a $116 million stimulus package to increase spending on education, healthcare, and other things. However, stimulus isn’t enough to help the Japanese economy, in fact it will do virtually nothing. The work force is aging, and the overall population of Japan is shrinking, so stimulus won’t be enough to fix this. Also, multiple debt filled “zombie companies” are kept a float solely with government funds, and workers are stuck in jobs that go nowhere. The only way to help the economy is to jump start it. The “zombie companies” need to die, and the Japanese borders need to be opened so new workers can flood the work force.

It seems counter-intuitive that using a lot of paper can be more helpful to the environment than harmful. When trees are turned into paper they actually still store Carbon Dioxide in them from when the tree was photosynthesizing. This may lead one to believe that using a lot of paper is good for the environment because it still holds Carbon Dioxide, which is a major greenhouse gas. However, when paper goes into a landfill it breaks down quickly and turns into methane, which is a more potent and dangerous green house gas. Therefore, the best option is to use paper when needed, and recycle often.

It seems counter-intuitive that eating multivitamins is unhealthy. Vitamins are designed to give nutrients and vitamins that a person may not receive in their diet, and therefore should make that person healthier. They should be at a lower rate for disease and protect us from terrifying diseases like scurvy. However, these vitamins are mostly unnecessary and in some cases dangerous. Most people in the United States get their daily recommended dose of iron, calcium, and other minerals from their diet so taking vitamins is simply putting a surplus of those things into the blood stream. This surplus can be dangerous. For example, elderly people tend to get most of their iron from their food, but it they consume multivitamins it can actually lead to heart complications. The best thing to do is just put the vitamins down and save some money.

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