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Child Euthanasia 

It seems counterintuitive that people let alone younger kids would be allowed to decide if they want to be euthanized. However, that is what is happening in Belgium.

The Belgian Senate voted on allowing children with disabilities to have the option of euthanization. There is no age limit on the child. The option comes with criteria and is also allowed for older patients with dementia. The criteria being that the child has to be under certain conditions and need to be able to judge well. Many others like professors and physicians saw the passing of this legislation to be unethical and morally wrong.

When we think of euthanasia we do not think that it would be an option for children. Most children do not understand the concept of death and would not be able to rightfully judge that they want to be euthanized.

The Cruelest Show on Earth

It seems counterintuitive that circus owners would ignore an animal when it is sick and in distress. That is what happened to an elephant apart of The Greatest Show on Earth.

When an elephant named Kenny that was apart of The Greatest Show on Earth became ill the leaders turned a blind eye for quite some time. The elephant was forced to continue to do shows while still being sick. The veterinarian did not show up to check on the elephant before he started performing. When the vet finally showed he prescribed Kenny antibiotics and suggested that the elephant not perform. However, a legendary animal tamer felt otherwise. Kenny went on to do his third show and could not perform any stunts. After the show, the elephant was given fluids and got locked up in his stall where he later died. News got out that an elephant from the circus died which led to an investigation by the Department of Agriculture. The Feld Entertainment was charged with violations for making Kenny perform.

Circuses like The Greatest Show on Earth continued on after the incident got out which led to animals not getting the treatment or justice they deserved.

PTSD in Neighborhoods

It seems counterintuitive that people who have never gone to war are experiencing PTSD, yet that is what is happening to people who live in violent neighborhoods.

A hospital in Chicago decided to do PTSD screenings on patients that enter the trauma unit. After the screening, they found that 43 percent of the screening showed that the patients had PTSD. Most of the patients suffered from stab wounds, gunshots, or other violent injuries. A surgeon wanted to spend money on staff members that could screen at-risk patients and provide them with treatment. However, the hospital would not agree with spending money on screening. Since the proposal was turned down social workers identify what patients have severe PTSD. Research shows that people who have traumatic injuries developed PTSD at the same rate as a war veteran. Most of the injuries happen in violent, low-income communities. Hospitals are trying to find ways to address and educate others on PTSD along with finding ways to treat patients.

By providing hospitals the ability to screen trauma patients for PTSD the percentage of those who suffer would go down.    


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