Summaries – CarsonWentz11

1- Free Heroin

Its seems counterintuitive to supply already heroin addicts with more heroin, even if it is a more safe approach than shooting up on the streets.  Experts call these places “safe zones”, where heroin addicts can go get injected with a non-lethal dose of heroin under the supervision of a nurse, with clean supplies, and don’t have to worry about being arrested by police.  The idea of “safe zones” is absolutely crazy to me because with the money that the government is spending on supplying these addicts with more heroin, I believe, could rather be spent on helping heroin addicts to become clean.  “Killing addicts with kindness,” is exactly what these “safe zones” are doing.  This is a step in the direction of prolonging the issue of heroin addiction instead of trying to take a step in the direction of finding a solution for it.

2- Armor on Planes

It seems counterintuitive that when planes arrived back from action in World War II, they wanted to armor them up for protection, so they would look at the bullet holes and then actually put armor on the places on the plane that did not have bullet holes.  This is a very good idea to not worry about putting extra armor on the spots where there were bullet holes on the planes that made it back, because they actually made it back safely.  That being said, the planes that crashed were most likely attacked and shot in different parts of the plane, and those are the parts that were to be better protected.

3-  Marijuana in Professional Sports

It seems counterintuitive that in professional sports in America, the use of marijuana is illegal, while opioids are used all the time by injured athletes. Sports is an activity where injuries are common and are going to happen.  Along with injuries comes pain and professional athletes are constantly looking for the best painkillers.  Opioid painkillers were surveyed to be taken by approximately half of NFL players, and then approximately 71 percent of those reported misuse of those opioids.  Many athletes tend to rely on opioids to be pain-free which can lead to addiction with dangerous consequences.  On the other hand, marijuana is proven to be medicine and helps with chronic pain, at the same time having no serious health problems and no deaths because of it.  Marijuana use for pain would help professional athletes stay away from the dangers of opioid addiction.


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