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Summary 1

It seems counterintuitive that multivitamins that are supposed to improve one’s health, actually cause health risks. Because of the excess amount of vitamins one can buy at any store, it is easy to intake more vitamins than necessary on a day to day basis. Some studies even found that taking too much vitamins can lead to colon cancer, others shown that they can lead to birth defects in pregnant women.

Some vitamins may not necessarily cause any risks, but they still don’t improve one’s health. A study in 2011 found that vitamins that are supposedly taken to prevent heart disease, as well as multiple forms of cancer found in women, actually don’t protect against any of these diseases. In fact, some nutritionists advise healthy individuals to stop taking their vitamins, as they are getting their daily nutrients from the food they eat every day. Why waste money on something that won’t be beneficial? Just because there are many options to choose from, doesn’t mean they need to be purchased. Instead, just eat healthy foods and practice a healthy lifestyle. These multivitamins which have brought in billions of dollars in the industry are better just left on the shelves.


Summary 2

It seems counterintuitive that the best way to help heroin addicts is to give them more heroin. Vancouver has set up a system that allows its worst heroin addicts to get heroin under supervision and prescribed by a doctor. Not only will these addicts be getting heroin in a safe way, but they are keeping others safe. By regularly getting heroin, they are less likely to break into houses or steal, or overall put themselves and others in very dangerous situations. By feeding their addiction, Vancouver is making their city safer.

This system still seems controversial. Even though addicts who regularly get heroin can make the communities safer, it still isn’t moral to just kill someone, even if it is in the kindest way. A community should help out everyone who lives there. If these addicts are already making an effort to be safer, why doesn’t the community do more? They should educate the addicts who are not the ones in the system so they don’t put themselves in a more dangerous situation. These systems should reach out to all addicts so that the ones starting their addiction have a chance to go to rehab. If there is so much money being spent into these systems for the worse kind of addicts, shouldn’t there be money helping the ones who are just starting?


Summary 3

It seems counterintuitive that social media is making us less social. In fact, it can make us more depressed. A study that surveyed almost 2,000 adults ages 19-32 found that the more time spent on social media caused more feelings of isolation. There is still not an exact reason to be found that causes this. One reason may be that these adults feel socially isolated in general and use social media as a way to connect to others. Another reason may be that spending a lot of time on social media just makes people feel isolated from society.

To counteract this feeling of isolation, adults should have interactions face to face. This seems so simple, but in today’s technological world, all interactions seemed to be based online. People can feel much more happier and less depressed if they actually talk to someone in real life, not online. There are many reasons to go on social media, like finding other’s opinions on topics or juts simply searching pictures of cute animals. If social media is causing feelings of loneliness and affecting one’s mental health, then it’s time to get offline and start communicating in real life.


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