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It seems counterintuitive that multi-vitamins which are supposed to help humans, don’t help them at all. The 28 billion dollar industry mentions multi-vitamins are recommended for staying healthy but data suggests that is not what is happening at all.  I am part of the percentage of humans that take multi-vitamins on the daily. People who take vitamins do it to stay healthy and or don’t get the required vitamins from their food.

I say that vitamins do make a difference to health from personal experience. Ever since I had started taking vitamins 2 years ago, I have seen a noticeable difference of getting sick or not feeling well. Nutritionists have previously said they have no way to tell if multi-vitamins do make a difference. Then how would they know if they don’t help you if they have or cant find any information about them in the first place. I say we humans should look into taking daily vitamins as they as they in the slightest could help us.


It seems counterintuitive that back in World War II the Royal Air Force lost an abundant amount of planes from the German anti-aircraft, only few made it back safely. In return they thought of a way to protect the rest of their planes from the fire and that was armor. Their thought process was to put armor on the planes where their were bullet holes in order to protect the planes. A Hungarian mathematician came up with the theory of not putting the armor on the locations with bullet holes but to put them on the locations of no bullet holes.

If the planes made it back with no bullet holes in those locations, that means the planes with bullet holes there never made it back which puts up a red flag. To me, this idea is something I would of never thought of because anyone would of said put armor where there are more bullet holes, not the other way around.


It seems counterintuitive that no one has thought of a device sooner considering how long people have been using this machine. It saves your finger or hand from getting cut off within the blink of an eye. I used to work with machines like this back in high school in a class called wood tech. I would have to use a machine like this on the daily in order to get my work done. Something like this could come in clutch for some kids or adults you have trouble cutting wood using this machine.

Within the machine itself there is a saw stop which does exactly what it says, it stops saws. This device detects flesh within a split second and activates the stop which puts the blade to a dead stop preventing any further damage. This device saves your fingers but destroys your saws as it completely demolishes part of the blade and the device as it can only be used once every activation.




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Peter Bomersbach

I am currently a Nutrition and exercise science major at Rowan University.

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