Summaries – ivonid12

Anthony DiNovi


1.) Plane Armor

It seems counterintuituve that you wouldn’t armor the part of a plane that received the most hits from gunfire, however that is the most effective way to armor a plane.  In WWII, whether it would be planes on the side of the Axis or Allies, the aircraft were constantly receiving fire from anti-aircraft weapons. Even though the planes were sustaining heavy fire and were most definitely damaged, if they were able to safely conduct their flight, is it really a problem? During WWII famous mathematician Abraham Wald proposed the idea of further armoring planes in areas that weren’t hit often. Why? It is really quite simple. Planes hit in areas not hit very often hit do not survive, so further armor those areas. The common areas of gunfire don’t seem to matter if you survive so why armor them?



2.) Giving Heroin Addicts More Heroin

It seems counterintuitive that to “help” a heroin addict, that you would give them more heroin. However, a research project in Vancouver Canada is doing just that to those most heavily addicted. In short, the program gives heroin to those who have little to no hope of beating their addiction by providing the heroin for them, so they are less of a menace to themselves and society. In the around 26 patients involved, the results are mostly successful as those in the program are less likely to commit crimes or other acts while receiving more heroin. Many others are critical of this program, such as executive director Jim O’Rourke at the British Columbia-based Vision Quest Recovery Society  claiming it is “killing people with kindness”.  Many people believe the program is just committing murder in a sense, as you’re just further killing those already severely addicted. The program continues to operate however, producing “good” results.



3.) Net Neutrality

It seems counterintuitive that people, such as the Tea Party, would oppose net neutrality and lobby for its removal. Net neutrality has always been something that was pro consumer, and not something that has been harmful for consumers. It has been more harmful to the companies involved,  such as Comcast, as net neutrality forces them to allow other companies and people to use their servers free of charge. Removal of net neutrality allows companies full control of their servers and connections, basically meaning they can charger you more for using some of your most visited websites. The Tea Party claims it is used by the left  to control what information is distributed to the public online because of no government control. Comcast was more then willing to receive the support, as the decision on net neutrality nears.

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