Summaries- beachgirl04

Summary 1:It seems counterintuitive that anyone would give our heroin for free and consider it safe. But this is exactly what Vancouver is doing. The city of Vancouver has tried to stop the problem of drugs for many years. Now they decided to supply some of the best heroin these addicts ever had. The addicts can go to an Insite center and receive the heroin from a nurse as well as not be worried about the police arresting them for taking heroin. The people who are receiving heroin are getting it safely and this will lessen their chances of ending up in a bad place that heroin drug them into for example going into a dark alley to buy shoot up heroin and getting jumped. People involved in this program like it and feel it is helpful.

However, of course there is a negative side to giving out heroin for free. Thompson stated “he needs free or else he’ll break into a car.Take your pick.” The program is blackmail. Yes, this program is giving people heroin for free in a safe way but it is in no way trying to stop the addicts from being addicted. There are no stories that people involved in this program stopped taking heroin, they are going to continue because they have it so easy now. They never know, this blackmail program may be making all of the addicts even more addicted.

Summary 2: It seems counterintuitive that the amount of time and money put into finding a cure for cancer and we are not really getting anywhere with it. There are so many positive cancer breakthrough headlines but  there is not much of a dent in finding the cure. Scientists believe that instead of finding a cure for cancer there will be multiple ways to treat it so therefore people will not be dying from it any longer.  Positively, cancer patients are living longer now than they were in the past. But on the opposing side, there will be no one cure to cancer because cancer is not just one disease. Scientists are doing their best to find a safe and healthy way to live with cancer and for now that is all people should ask for.

Summary 3: It seems counterintuitive that a company that is intended to help others could be instead hurting others. Toms is a “buy one, give one” company that gives shoes to those in need in developing countries. There are many programs that do the “buy one, give one” and they are all risky.

The countries that are receiving Toms shoes are in need of many items, but the people here in the US do not know what they need only they are aware of that. The children who are receiving the shoes most of the time already have a pair of shoes which defeats the purpose of “give one”. There are so many “buy one, give one” companies that they are competing with the local companies and more problems are arising. Toms mantra sounds like it is a great idea but there needs to be information provided for the “buy one” half to inform the buyer where their money is going to.

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