Summaries- Baahubali

The counterintuitive world

It seems counterintuitive when we think what to do with the used war-aircraft planes which are damaged?

The obvious answer was to look at planes that returned from missions, count up all the bullet holes in various places, and then put extra armour in the areas that attracted the most fire.

As Hungarian-born mathematician Abraham Wald explained at the time, if a plane makes it back safely even though it has, say, a bunch of bullet holes in its wings, it means that bullet holes in the wings aren’t very dangerous.

Afterwards, Kahneman reacted to an Israeli Air Force flight instructor who told him that whenever he chewed out a student he got better performance the next time out, but whenever he praised a student he got worse performance. Due to which Kahneman agreed upon that, of course, a student who had just brilliantly executed a maneuver was less likely to perform better the next time around than a student who had just screwed up.


Hence supporting the argument, he added that it was the part of human condition that they are statistically punished for rewarding others and rewarded for punishing them.


Prozac: What’s Race Got to Do with It?


It seemed counterintuitive when the model “if depressed, then use Prozac” kept the whole world at the risk of side effect and their lives.

The Prozac drug represented a novel class of antidepressants with very fewer side effects due to which it was successfully marketed for use as a diet pill. And hence immediately hits the jackpot. Due to which now it supplies antidepressants to roughly one out of every ten Americans which is approximately equal to more than 33 million people a year.

The Scientists of the University of Michigan had analysed the prescribing patterns among physicians who are treating patients diagnosed with major depression and found that the doctors were prescribing antidepressants to more white patients and also those with private health insurance, whereas discriminated the minorities and those using Medicare or Medicaid.

The doctors prescribed Prozac only to the patients who were white and had a private health insurance. Whereas, on the other hand they prescribed cheaper and older version or variety of medicines. In 2008, roughly 11 percent of white patients getting treated for depression were being prescribed meds, compared to around 4 percent of Hispanics and blacks being treated for presumably the same conditions.

As the healthcare reform comes forward in reducing the uninsured people, whereas, the accessibility to optimal healthcare is hoped to be increased by the health insurance for those who don’t have insurance said Rajesh Balkrishnan, a professor of health management and policy who co-wrote the UM study, argues that policymakers and physicians should step up to eliminate the treatment gap.

The role of boxing in the death of Muhammad Ali.


It seems counterintuitive when a disease shatters your life and all of your dreams when you were in the peak of your limelight. Such a terrible thing also happened with MUHAMMAD ALI.

Muhammad Ali who died at the age of 74 years, after suffering from Parkinson’s disease, was very well known in every part of the world known and unknown for his amazing style of boxing.

The Parkinson’s disease had slowly stole away all his capacity to control his own muscles and then puts a stop to his everything valuable, from his opponents to his religion and even to his race. But on the other hand, his family didn’t believe that the boxing was the cause of his death.

According to them, Parkinson was the result of his genes or his exposure to pesticides while training. And then since 1920’s, the doctors have known the connections between a career in boxing and a series of symptoms which was caused by a syndrome called “Dementia Pugilistic” or even known as “chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).”

If a person gets hit by people repeatedly in the head, is more likely to develop Parkinson according to Dr. Michael Okun, who was a professor of neurosurgery at the Boston University. And he also states, that not only that the head injuries can increase the process of Parkinson’s.

Also until Ali’s last fight, he had showed the signs of Parkinson’s like slurred speech and also uncoordinated movements. So by that we can say that the punches on the head from the last fight might have increased the damages that might had occurred already.

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