My Hypothesis–thokeca

  1. family structures
  2. non-nuclear families and their children’s well-being
  3. the effect on the growth of children as they age with one or more parent
  4. Nuclear families are much more effective for the growth of children as the child receives the correct amount of parental roles and learning experiences that a child requires.
  5. Families with more than one adult taking a parental or teaching role for one or more children result in a much stronger and healthier youth for a child.
  6. Families with more than simply the parents caring for the children are healthier for a child, as even when the parents may be busy or unwell, other adults can take necessary roles in caring for children.
  7. Families with a larger support system than simply a mother and father create a healthier emotional environment for children.

2 thoughts on “My Hypothesis–thokeca”

  1. This is well designed and executed, thokeca.
    The topic should provide a wealth of evidence since the benefits of strong parental presences have been thoroughly studied.
    That said, I wonder what form your counterintuitive observations will take.

    Since millenia of human history have argued in favor of a strong and supportive nuclear family, why should its value need to be proved at all?

    You’re off to a good start. Let’s start examining the evidence immediately.
    Respond, please.


  2. Thank you for the feedback, professor.

    Although I have looked up articles about this topic, I’ve found that although a lot of articles delve into the difference between nuclear families and single parent families, none of them that I’ve seen really research the idea of multiple adults in the household as opposed to just the two.

    At first this frustrated me, but then I remembered something you said in the beginning of the semester- if my topic has little research done for it, that means I’ve developed a hypothesis that not many others have thought of before. Obviously I’ll do more research to try and find something that tells the difference between nuclear families and families with more than two adults, whether it’s good or bad. I do think this is not a bad start, however.

    I think a way to really make things counterintuitive is to observe the difference between less modern families and modern families, as I wouldn’t quite say a millennia supports nuclear families. Even today, some families include a mother and father AND grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc. Although friends may be included in this group of extra adults, they might not always be the included adults.


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