My Hypothesis – pinkpineapples23

  1. Kids should exercise.
  2. kids should participate in daily physical activity.
  3. 60 minutes of physical activity is required for kids.
  4. Kids need to participate in moderate physical activity for 60 minutes to benefit them.
  5. Kids who participate in 60 minutes of physical activity will improve their muscles  and motor skills.
  6. Enduring in moderate physical activity for 60 minutes or more will allow kids to work on physical fitness while improving their development skills.

3 thoughts on “My Hypothesis – pinkpineapples23”

  1. Hey, Pineapple.

    Please forgive me in advance. I’m going to take a little risk here with all due respect to your proposal. I’m altogether certain that kids should exercise, and that it’s essential to their health that they do so. But as a counterintuitive hypothesis, this is about as surprising as “Eat your vegetables” or “Look both ways before crossing the street.”

    I don’t know quite what else to say except that if you told me instead your were going to advance the premise that physical fitness will be utterly pointless in a future where our intellectual capability will be our only marketable commodity, I’d be happier to consider even a notion that far-fetched.

    You may write on any topic that interests you, Pineapple. I made that pledge to you and I will stand by it. But if during your research you discover something that surprises you, something that doesn’t support the common knowledge that exercise does a body good, please remain open to it, and share it with me. It would tickle me to learn that exercise is pointless, or better yet stupid, or even better that it shortens lifespan or invites disease.

    Are you willing to follow the research where it leads, even if where it leads contradicts your assumptions?

    Reply, please.


  2. So would you like me to keep what I have and if I find something that contradicts it then add that in there or change that to my topic?


    1. Let’s try a dual approach, Pineapple. Research your topic. Share your sources and summaries in your White Paper for both of us to examine. Stay alert for anything surprising and, when you find it, follow the lead to something your readers will not expect. If nothing counterintuitive comes up, write the best paper you can that proves whatever is true. Research is about learning, not looking for proof of what we believe. So keep it pure. Seek the truth and share it.


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