My Hypothesis-Kinggkunta

1. The lower the crime rates the higher the number of crimes committed

2. Crime rates reflect the amount of crime reported to the cops.

3. Undocumented crimes do not get recorded and do not reflect in calculated crime rates.

4. The number of crimes in a neighborhood does not necessarily amount to the crime rate produced by our law enforcement agency.

5. Crime rates are inaccurate due to undocumented crimes, failing to properly document a case and etc.

6. Major Crimes; minor crimes, all the same. Either way crime rates do not fully reflect them, especially undocumented ones.

7. Does the number of burglary in Glassboro drive its crime rate up?

3 thoughts on “My Hypothesis-Kinggkunta”

  1. I like the premise, King, but you’ll need to be more precise before your argument can be judged successful.

    Most likely you do not mean quite what you say, that there’s a completely reversed relationship between actual crime and the reported crime rate. It’s a very bold statement that’s almost certainly not true.

    Your more difficult challenge will be to research the circumstances under which you can make a categorical claim and back it up. I’m eager to participate in that process.

    And yes, as you hint, one of the factors that contribute to flawed numbers is the reluctance of some crime victims to report crimes.

    Respond, please.


    1. You are right, I meant the opposite. Also, that’s what an argument is for, and we will find out the “truth” after I conduct my research. #ChallengeAccepted


  2. This is shaping up, King, but Steps 3, 4, and 5 are virtually identical. It’s early, but not TOO early to be more specific with your premise. Why in the world, do you suppose, would anybody be reluctant to report crime to the police? Your conjecture would help focus your research, and in the meantime would improve the specificity of your final premise here.


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