My Hypothesis-comicbongo

  1. Violent video games
  2. violent video games and the demographic they’re aimed towards
  3. Violent video games and they’re impact on who plays them
  4. Violent video games are often linked with violent children and young adults
  5. Violence is often aggression built up being released and video games could offer ideas
  6. Offering more violent video games will provide an outlet for aggression people and lower the video game related violence in the real world

2 thoughts on “My Hypothesis-comicbongo”

  1. This is now beyond troubling, ComicBongo. Not having a hypothesis on the evening your White Paper is due is more than “falling behind.” It’s crunch time.

    I’m tempted to break through the anonymity veil so I can confront you as friendly as I can to offer support. But for now, I’ll give you a chance to respond with your best effort. But if you’re still struggling to choose so much as a topic for your research the next time I look, I’ll hunt you down. 🙂

    Respond please. Please.


  2. You’re still ridiculously behind schedule, CB, and every day the situation gets worse, so I’m going to kick-start you here and then hope for the best.

    A quick search of Google Scholar for the terms +”video games” and +”reduce aggression” delivered the following sources all of which contain the key phrases in significant ways.

    Read them all and search their Reference lists for other equally relevant sources. That should be more than enough to get you started proving that video games can achieve stress relief or reduced aggression.

    You might still need to argue that VIOLENT video games can be ameliorative as well, but that will be your challenge, not mine.

    Here are the sources. Politeness dictates that you thank me profusely for going to this effort on your behalf. And smart scholastic strategy dictates that you pick up this ball and run with it toward the goal line.







    Your response, please.


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