My Hypothesis- Chemia

  1. Abortion.
  2. Should abortion be legal?
  3. Women all around the world should have access to safe and legal abortion.
  4. Legal abortion prevents women from dying during unsafe procedures.
  5. Preventing women from having access to safe and legal abortion, increases the rate of women mortality.
  6. Highly restrictive abortion laws should be entirely abolished from Latin American countries in order to decrease the rate of maternal mortality.

2 thoughts on “My Hypothesis- Chemia”

  1. Chemia, I love the way your hypothesis narrows from the very general to the very specific. I think we can narrow it still further, and that your research will benefit from doing so, but I appreciate that you might be skeptical about that claim. My students often worry about “finding enough to say,” but, if you can trust me for a moment, when you penetrate deep into the heart of a meaningful topic, word count is the least of your concerns. Finding ways to limit the torrent of material is the harder job. This is a terribly meaningful life-and-death hypothesis. I applaud you for adopting it, and I look forward to collaborating on it with you if you’ll permit me.


    1. I was skeptical about my hypothesis at first because I didn’t know if I did a good gob narrowing it down. After the meeting with you, I realized that I could also approach the topic from an economic angle.


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