My Hypothesis – CarsonWentz11

  •  Gun control
    • From here I have many options to go to with this topic, differing from the pro-gun control to the pro-2nd Amendment viewpoints, on issues like preventing school shootings, right to carry, crime rates, and how effective it actually is.  I have chosen to go with if gun control laws are actually that effective.
  • Gun control is an ineffective way to reduce gun violence.
  • Making stricter gun laws for law abiding citizens does not reduce crime.
  • The government making it harder for law abiding citizens to purchase guns, does not have an effect on lowering the crime rate.
  • Increasing gun laws and making it more challenging to purchase a gun in the United States, in fact, does not cause the crime rate and gun violence to decrease.
    • There should be another step, but I was struggling to narrow it down more from here.  Professor, is my hypothesis still too broad?


One thought on “My Hypothesis – CarsonWentz11”

  1. Yes, Carson, it’s still too broad because “gun violence” and “gun laws” and “crime rate” are all STUPID BROAD.

    Sorry. Didn’t mean to shout.

    You’ll get there, but it will take awhile. We can go two ways. You can wait until the end of the semester and post an essay that’s still way too broad, or you can start early to solicit my input on how to limit your scope. If we work together, you can make a real contribution to the crucial conversation about gun violence.

    3000 words is NOWHERE NEAR ENOUGH to cover three broad topics.

    So, keep me in the loop, please. This is important stuff. Either commit to saying something meaningful, or surrender and rehash other people’s points of view.

    I’m pulling for the former.
    Your response, please.


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