My Hypothesis– BeezKneez

  1. Water
  2. Cleanliness of drinking water
  3. Purified and spring water are cleaner than tap water
  4. Purified water has to meet strict EPA purity standards while Spring water has a lower standard
  5. Purified water seems like the best option for drinking water because of the high purity standards
  6. Although there are fewer guarantees on the quality of Spring water, it is actually the better option opposed to purified water due to the fact that water used for Purified water can come from anywhere (even sewage) and Spring water is naturally filtered in underground aquifers.

2 thoughts on “My Hypothesis– BeezKneez”

  1. Your 4, 5, and 6, alternate points of view, BeezKneez, but you probably (hopefully!) know that. I suspect your paper will come down to an investigation of the relative reliability of the terms “naturally filtered” and “purity standards.” It’s not immediately obvious which we should prefer, and perhaps that’s the underlying uncertainty you’d like to resolve.

    It’s a worthwhile endeavor, and I look forward to participating in the search and sharing in the results. Do I understand your project?


  2. I’m aware of the alternating points of view, it was my best shot at providing you my hypothesis with the 6 steps you wanted. As I gather more information I believe I’ll have to revise my hypothesis to be a little more specific but I’m not sure where it is headed yet. I believe you do understand my project.


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