My Hypothesis– alpacaqueen

  1. Organic Food
  2. The Effect of Organic Food on Everyday Life
  3. The Effect of Eliminating Organic Food from Supermarkets
  4. Eliminating Organic Foods from Supermarkets will improve both the economy and environment
  5. Eliminating organic foods from supermarkets and adopting new food technologies will decrease costs and use of energy in the environment
  6. Eliminating organic foods and adopting crop biotechnology techniques into more farms and supermarkets will drastically decrease both energy consumption and costs for the economy that come with organic food production

One thought on “My Hypothesis– alpacaqueen”

  1. I’m very impressed with your progress here, AlpacaQueen. It’s a brave writer who draws steel against a darling of the earth-friendly ecology movement. If there’s a downside to organic farming that could dull its shine, I want to hear about it, if only to keep the movement honest. Your thesis also challenges a lot of my personal assumptions, so I’m eager to hear where I’ve been wrong.

    What I want from you next, if you accept the challenge, is Step 7.

    To me, your 4, 5, and 6 are so similar they could be combined; if so, you actually OWE me a 7. 🙂

    I ask because I’m not sure where your biotechnology claim is headed, and I want to join you in your quest. If you do nothing else to improve this Hypothesis over the next 10 days, please drop me a link in a Reply below to the best source you find about biotechnological advances in agriculture that I can read.

    Thanks 🙂


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